Vitasoil Usage in Tea Tree Plantings

We have been planting Tea Tree, Melaleuca alternifolia, in Northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa since 2018. It must be noted that we have planted our Tea Tree crop in extremely sandy soil conditions which offer very little nutrient support to our new plantings. We have also experienced below average rainfall over the past 2 seasons; while experiencing some hot 40degree days from time to time over the summer months.

Our process is to puddle plant each seedling and apply 50 grams VitaSoil per planting zone with a planting survival success rate of between 92% and 95% across the planting site. This is mainly attributable to our usage of Vitasoil during our planting process.

Vitasoil has undoubtedly had a significantly positive impact on our sandy soils conditions by its effectiveness in promoting soil health along with restoring the biological balance in our soil at planting for the direct benefit of our seedlings.

We have not followed up with watering after planting yet our Tea Tree plants have showed wonderful growth and have a healthy ‘full’ green foliage appearance.

I would certainly recommend the use of VitaSoil at planting in a diverse range of agricultural crops, especially planted in sandy soil conditions, as a result of our continued success we are having to this point in using this organic composting product.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further feedback on our usage of VitaSoil, if required.

How Vitasoil helps with spinach growth, by Mark Wattam

This video shows VitaSoil used on spinach grown in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. No other fertilizer or compost was used here. Results are already showing a bigger plant with more leaves which will generate a substantially higher yield. Plants are healthier with a significant reduction in mortality rate. VitaSoil helps to increase the plants ability to absorb nutrients through the help of micro-organisms and can reduce the effect of pathogens and nematodes through these beneficial microbes.