VitaSoil is a product that is internationally certified by Ecocert

About VitaSoil

Established in 2012, VitaSoilâ„¢ is based in St Lucia, KwaZulu North Coast, South Africa.

We identified a serious problem looming in agricultural soils, where increased levels of fertilization per area over the last number of years has not provided the commensurate incremental yield increases. This is due to the large-scale deterioration in soils due to over-fertilization with inorganic fertilizers and indiscriminate use of all categories of agri-chemicals. The turnaround from this desperate situation, although timely, need not be an unaffordable costly process which most farmers, caught up in this situation, cannot afford.

This gave us the desire to create a product that combats this problem. This desired resulted, in a product that is internationally certified by Ecocert, not only benefit farmers but is an all-in-one home growing solution. Containing living micro-organisms, VitaSoilâ„¢ has been specially formulated to help provide all that your plants need to flourish.

It is our mission to ease the painful process of healing the unhealthy soils at an affordable cost and in most instances at no additional cost to the farmer.

Soil health and all aspects of this topic is our business.

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